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Key principles guiding our day-to-day human resources policy include individualized career paths, training and diversity. Through their talent, their diversity and their commitment, we want our employees to be the leading players in our ambition to shape a better life. We are always on the look-out for new talents. Our priorities are taking care of their development and their well-being and ensuring that they can work in an open environment.

CBNA has four priority focus areas when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion: Disability access, diversity of background, diversity of educational attainment, and diversity of social origins. Each of these priority areas forms the centerpiece of a comprehensive action plan that encompasses training, awareness-raising, monitoring numerical indicators, and concrete actions that are undertaken in as close proximity to employees as possible. We are committed to developing the skills of each one of our employees with the greatest possible respect for equal opportunities. We seek to build a pluralistic, open and unified company in which talents and differences are a strength.

Gender diversity boosts performance. The Group considers that the presence of a significant number of women in its workforce is a source of strength: Gender diversity within its teams is a factor in improving performance, and it contributes to attracting, retaining and promoting people with talent. With women representing a third of our staff, CBNA wishes to further strengthen the diversity of its teams.


Protecting the health and safety of our staff, as well as that of everyone else who works on our sites, is our primary responsibility. For us, the only way to perform a task is in complete safety, preserving the physical integrity of the people who perform our projects.

We aim to create an accident-free working environment, which means that we have to significantly enhance our Health & Safety performances to reach “zero accident” level. With this in view, four strategic aims have been set up at Bouygues Construction:

– Promoting a uniform approach across all our activities by defining performance standards and respecting regulations in the states and countries where we operate.
– Committing our staff, our subcontractors, suppliers, and clients to achieve this goal via our actions, words and attitudes.
– Targeting operational excellence by measuring the extent to which our standards are implemented in all our activities and sharing our proactive approaches.
– Maintaining our performance and showing that there is no room for compromise where our standards are concerned.


We carry out our projects with the clear determination of sharing innovation. With our employees and with our partners. For our customers, for communities and for the environment. Innovating means opening new horizons and helping imagine our world tomorrow.

From business development (proposals, alternative technical concepts) to construction sites (value engineering, construction design, expert appraisal), we value technical expertise and seek innovation. Innovation is essential to adapt to the functional requirements of the structures, to reduce the environmental footprint of the works, and to meet complex technical constraints.

To develop solutions that are tailor-made to our clients’ needs, we rely on an expertise built up from project lessons learned throughout:
– Design optimization,
– Systems engineering expertise,
– Methods planning, pricing accuracy and secured scheduling,
– Project management experience,
– In-house involvement in the development of specialized material and equipment,
– Constant vigilance and information management.


Our relationships with customers are a central concern at all times. It is vital that we weave and strengthen a relationship of trust. This calls for being attentive, always being ready to hear what they have to say so as to understand their issues and requirements and come up with appropriate answers, helping them advance their ideas and their decision-making process, involving them in our decisions, and, together, finding all the right solutions for the operational phase. All this must be done in accordance with our commitments, to make our success their success in a ‘win–win’ situation.

In addition, the issues of sustainable development also guide what we have to offer in order to reduce the environmental impacts of our projects while ensuring seamless insertion into the landscape and the greatest possible level of comfort for the end-user.


Sustainable construction is at the heart of our strategy. More than ever, the civil works sector must deal with societal, social, and environmental challenges. We have chosen to rise to these challenges on a daily basis at every stage of our projects, from design phase to build and operational phases.

Everyone is involved! Regardless of their profession or position within the company, every one of our employees is a key link in our sustainable development process. Everyone, through their behavior, takes action on a daily basis to comply with our commitments. Devised to instill genuine cohesion among our employees, this process creates value for our customers who can thereby benefit from a vision of construction that today meets the challenges of tomorrow. From project design to operation and maintenance, we are involved in the entire value chain.


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