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  • Other infrastructures and civil works

Underground Works

CBNA implemented its groundbreaking innovation capabilities in North America when tunneling through a unique geology with the world’s first hybrid Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) based on the Water Control Process method.

Proficient in the entire range of construction techniques, we have built our reputation on our ability to deliver iconic structures and to design customized tools and equipment to adapt to the natural constraints of the site.

We are now ready to rise to the challenges of the future: building in dense urban environments, designing floating structures, developing very long span bridges. As a responsible builder, we are constantly improving the durability and optimization of civil engineering structures in order to conserve resources and minimize humankind’s impact on its environment.

Marine Works

With constant growth in global trade, there is sustained demand for works related to ports, an essential aspect of much import and export business. It is for this reason that we have developed expertise as a builder of container ports over several decades. In parallel with these works, the company has also developed knowhow in dams and river barrages and in the development of inland waterways.


Ever since we were founded, we have consistently sought to bring people together by combining aesthetics, technicality, practicality, and safety for users through its total mastery of all the techniques involved in the construction of bridges. Some of the bridges we have built have become casebook examples.

Linear projects

We are renowned throughout the world in the construction of particularly complex engineering projects such as metros, high-speed rail lines, and tram or light rail systems, in diverse environments from the world’s highest urban density in Hong Kong to the connection of cities across rural areas. We’re also known for a variety of appurtenant works and interconnections for different modes of transport, e.g. park-and-ride facilities and associated bus systems for relieving the intense and indeed often entirely saturated traffic of large cities.

We also contribute to improvement of road-transport links by building national highways, interchanges, and tolled or untolled motorways throughout the world. Our group has already built roads on the five continents, providing services covering design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Other infrastructures and civil works

LNG tanks, sewage treatment plants, stations, stadiums, parking facilities, access for persons with reduced mobility, and dedicated-running public transport systems are just some of the types of infrastructure projects for which our mastery of design and construction helps improve the daily lives of people in the regions where the company works.



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