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Fécamp offshore wind farm

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Design work, construction and installation of the offshore wind farm foundations

The offshore wind farm will be located between 8 to 14 miles off the coast of Fécamp in Normandy. The 71 wind turbines will be connected to the gravity-based foundations installed on the seabed at depths between 82 and 98 feet.

Within the consortium, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Saipem are tasked with the design, construction and installation on the seabed of the gravity-based foundations with an individual weight of up to 5,511 short tons necessary to provide the stability of the 7MW wind turbines. Boskalis is tasked with the design and preparation of the seabed rock foundation prior to GBS installation, and the scour protection and ballasting of the GBS’ after installation on the seabed.

The foundations will be constructed in the Bougainville maritime works yard in the Grand Port Maritime of Le Havre and will be transported by barge to the offshore wind farm site.

71 concrete gravity-based foundations
82 to 98 feet of depth
500 MW in total power output

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