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New Coastal road viaduct

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Bouygues Travaux Publics / Vinci Construction Grands Projets / Dodin Campenon Bernard / Demathieu Et Bard / Societe Bourbonnaise De Travaux Publics Et De Construction
La RĂ©union, France

Construction of a sea viaduct, parallel to the coast, linking Saint-Denis to La Grande Chaloupe

Designed to keep cars away from the risk of cliff rock falls and to withstand cyclonic swells, this sea viaduct runs along the coast for 3.3 miles between the north and west of Reunion Island.

Parallel to the coast, this bridge over the water is made up of seven successive decks of 2,523 feet each. An exceptional structure in terms of its characteristics and its maritime location, it is also exceptional in terms of the diversity of the tools and methods used to build it. 95% of the elements of the bridge were prefabricated on land in two prefabrication plants and then installed by sea or by launcher.

For offshore operations, a single mega barge was specially equipped for coastal navigation in difficult seas. It was fitted with two overhead cranes and a concrete plant, Zourite mobilised a team of experienced sailors to transport and place on the seabed the elements of the 48 piles of what is now the longest viaduct in French sea waters.

3.3 miles
1,386 pier head segments
48 offshore piers

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